My art thus far is a combination of styles, as I mostly do commissions and create work from references of photographs and pictures that I enjoy. My art style is easily adaptable. I enjoy realism, but recently also expressionism. I do not have a particular colour preference, when painting or drawing realism, I try to get colours as close as possible to reality, but when adopting a more expressionistic style I enjoy vibrant colours. There is still no distinctive style or subject matter in my work, as I am still on a pilgrimage journey of self-discovery. My inspiration is drawn from other artists, nature and photographs of people. I want my art to captivate people and make them look twice. When not doing commission paintings/drawings, I enjoy creating art with a hidden meaning/symbolic meaning.

I come from a very artistic family, more from my father’s side, but a music talent also from my mother’s side. Being creative has thus always been in my nature. I began drawing from a very young age, and began art lessons in primary school already. In high school I had art as a subject which pushed me to my boundaries and helped me learn new techniques. One of my few highlights were winning an art competition at the annual Sasol Techno-X where I submitted my art portfolio of Gr. 12. I also enjoyed planning and organizing our own art exhibition end of Gr. 12 where we displayed and sold our art pieces. Currently I spend most of my time studying to become an Occupational Therapist, and being an artist is a side-job and hobby for me, as it provides not only fun and relaxation, a way to express myself, but also an extra income.

A young artist, Lizelle Struwig inspires me as I enjoy her realistic touch to art. Paul Munro’s art totally captivates me, with the large dimensions and attention to small details. Francoise Nelly’s art currently inspires me in terms of portraying people with vibrant colours with an expressionistic style. At the moment I enjoy experimenting with various colours, styles and mediums as I get inspired and through this developing my own technique. My style is at the moment experimental in nature, with a touch of reality. I enjoy drawing and painting realistically in terms of how it “looks”, for example, a person will always look like a person, with no distortions, but then I like to change the overall art by adding a touch of expressionism in terms of technique or colour. My love for nature and people are profoundly evident in my art.

My favourite art quote: Art should comfort the disturbed & disturb the comfortable (Cesar Cruz). The art world has taught me this last few years to trust in my capabilities and talents, but not get comfortable with my skill, to constantly strive towards development thereof. My biggest obstacle in terms of the art world has been getting commissions, and providing a realistic price in terms of my art.

I am currently based in the Free State in Bloemfontein as a final year student, but my hometown is Sasolburg, and I am thus also in the region of Gauteng.

If people stay close to me they are allowed to collect art from me, or it can be delivered to them (I do not have a preferred delivery company).

I am willing to do artwork on commission, and do not have any framework or restriction to what I am willing to do – I am open to any challenge. I do not have a timeframe I work in, as it depends on the type of commission.