I am a prophetic artist and I paint under the name ‘Fireball’. I am willing to do commissions, but as I am a Christian artist, I will not be open to do works involving any occultic symbolism, or anything relating to other religions.

I am a prophetic artist – a Holy Spirit-inspired artist. God shows me images via dreams or visions, and I paint them. I use a lot of Biblical symbolism too. I have been artistic since I could remember, but only started painting prophetically in 2011. From there on I have painted hundreds of pieces that found homes all over the country. Some pieces were commissioned and some I just painted and then their owners found me. I never replicate artworks that were commissioned, as the images God gives me for them, are for them specifically.

I love creating and am self-taught. I am a writer, nail technician, makeup artist, I do photography, bake and decorate cakes, make clothes – basically anything that I can create from nothing. My art has always been a ministry tool. I present prophetic art workshops and women’s camps, where I teach about what God intended with art, as well as how to interpret symbolism.

My faith motivates me. I live with purpose and don’t take things for granted. All decisions in my life are made with God as the center of it.

I live in Springs in the East Rand.

My artistic style varies, but I do like palette knife painting. I love bold and vivid colors with lots of bling. I feel like art should inspire, and I, myself, do not get inspired by dull and dreary colors. The inspiration behind my artworks is always inspiration itself. Positive messages or food for thought. My art should always get the beholder thinking. There will always be deeper meanings in everything I do. The general reaction to my art is good. Sometimes people are a bit confused, until I explain to them. Then they are mostly left in awe at the message. It is always a highlight when I get positive feedback. Sometimes the art pieces bring a sense of calm, sometimes people get direction as to what to do in their own lives, mostly the art pieces serve as prophecies or answers to prayers.

I do not know how many artworks I have created, but I would say hundreds. My art is not limited to canvas, as I also paint material, various objects, murals, or pregnant bellies. I think that my talent is God-given and that is why I choose to glorify Him through my art. I get inspired by Namyoonsoo Art, Nina Love and any other vividly colored pieces. I do not think that anyone had influence on my style, as I do not believe that I have a specific style. If I must try sum up my style in a sentence, I will go with ‘unique, different, sometimes weird, but always purposefully crafted’. My favorite art quote is: “Prophetic art is when heaven meets earth”.

The art world taught me that there is an audience for every artist. It is quite bizarre to say that someone is a bad artist, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What one person sees as a train wreck the other sees as a masterpiece. The biggest obstacle that every artist must overcome one or another time in life, is comparison. As soon as you start comparing your work to others, you are doomed. Currently I am busy with writing for a Women’s Magazine, prophetic art commissions and nail artistry.