I grew up in the picturesque little town of Barberton in Mpumalanga. The little town is nestled in a valley between parts of the Drakensberg, sometimes the Jacarandas and flamboyant trees flower simultaneously, creating a riot of colour….Colour is my life, my art and my inspiration. Without it I’m moody, frustrated and without direction. Art is my happy space. 

My art journey started at 13 years of age just after our father died. My first teacher was the local grocery man.  I attended the Johannesburg school of art for a time and later in life, I had the privilege of attending informal art lessons with the talented and well known artist Christa Myburgh. Mike Parsons was my friend and critique and a special friend Era Uys taught me all I know about Watercolour.

I have painted and drawn in various mediums but I always return to my favourite which is oils. I think my style of painting is suggestive, not abstract and not too realistic. Art is a teacher, practice, practice, ask for advice and experiment. Don’t be a miser with paint and canvas, it’s cheaper than a Psychologist and much more pleasurable. 

I always try to work with a free spirit, keeping Picasso’s Quote in mind, ‘Art is the elimination of the unnecessary’

My inspiration is the smell of genuine turpentine and oil paint, colours, other artists work and from my own beautiful garden; roses, hydrangeas, arums, poppies, trees and much more. I am now happily retired and have downscaled my home, but the upside to retirement is that I am able to spend more time painting.

 I currently reside in Centurion, Gauteng and still dream of living in a cottage by the sea one day. I believe one should never stop dreaming, planning and hoping.

My paintings are an expression of my love and appreciation of nature, as long as I can keep painting, I am happy.